With a vision to transform lives and cultivate community through volunteerism, we provide opportunities for diverse groups of volunteers to explore the world and bring free dental care and oral hygiene education to thousands of impoverished children. This will alleviate oral health problems by creating awareness out of the marginalized in the community and promote human rights. This will mean rural community will enjoy human rights, social and economic justice and equality. These most disadvantaged are empowered with the tools necessary to a more participatory role in their community, socially and educationally in order to contribute concretely to the development of the overall rural communities in Cameroon and across the globe





We are made up of Dentist, dental assistant, dental hygienist, dental therapist, dental technician and non-dental persons.


Our organization is open for new volunteers, dental and non-dental person.


We run our programs all through the year; therefore you can book for volunteering at your convenient,

For more information about being a member of us, please contact us.



The BSC is consists of a general Assembly of thirty (30) members of which 75% are Dental Hygienist; that elects an Administrative Board which in turn assigns an Executive Board on the basis of their specialization. The administrative board is made up 7 members. This board consists of officers responsible for the following programs: program coordination, public relation officers, Oral Health Education, Clinic Base treatments and Community Services. We are expanding into Health Information and Awareness, Sanitation and Water Community Participatory Hygiene and Sanitation Transformation.

The committees of the respective programs meet on a monthly basis to implement the Programmatic Monitoring (P&M). In addition, the Programs Coordinator conduct field visits regularly.

Financial Reviews take place every three (03) months with the participation of the external evaluator (Auditor) while the Executive/Administrative Committee carries out a biannual project evaluation. The project evaluation is carried out every six months on the center and sector levels



The hierarchies of the organization are the Executive Director who doubles as Council of founders’ Chair and the Board Chair. These with the other executive bureau members draw policies which are voted in the general assembly of members. The council of founders, which serves the role of the both the board and administrative /executive bureau is the ultimate power of the organization. But the decision made by this must be deliberated on in the general assembly of members since this form the majority. If the general assembly votes against a decision, the council of founders cannot enforce it or continue with it. This is to ensure democracy and fair assessment of projects or decisions in a more favorable and considerable way.


The Board is assigned on the basis of competence, specialization and qualification, through universal suffrage of at least 2/3 of the general assembly of members’ votes. The executive/administrative board with the exception of the Executive Director, as the vision coordinator is elective and each member has a three term of office and renewable.

Membership of the organization is made up of the founding members, honorary members and ordinary members. But all of this constitutes the general assembly of the organization. This body (GA) is the final authority of the organization since the council of founders (Board) cannot take a decision and past it without its approval. All the members do have a say and as such decision making is participatory. Everyone willing to offer services and /or can contribute to the wellbeing of others can become a member especially if he/she fulfills the conditions required.


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